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Palm TreeWelcome to Adventure Island

You''re shipwrecked or crashed on a lonely island - you can explore, but can you survive? Will you be able to leave the Island, or will you remain for ever ... trapped?

Adventure Island is a web-based tool for classes, schools and groups to create an interactive online island that other people are able to visit and explore. You can create descriptions for each area of your island, and these can be written in either the style of a story, diary, guide or game, as you wish. You can include on your island areas that will trap an unsuspecting visitor, and force them to start again, as well as including four clues that, once found, will allow the visitor to escape from the island and get back to civilisation.

Choose an island from the list on the right hand side and explore around it. Teachers can request a username and password from then login below and begin to build your own island.

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Latest Islands


Paraparaumu Beach School - Island of Mystery
Melbourn Primary School - Devil's Lair
Leasowe Primary Y3 - Animal Island
Leasowe Primary - Reading Island
Highfield - Myrmidon
St Luke's CE Primary School - The island of no return
Ecclesall Library - Tropix Hideout Island
Millfield 2007 - Island of Lost Time
The British School of Costa Rica - Tico Island
Foxford School - Undiscovered
Example4 - Video Island
West Twyford - Mercurious Island
Sandgate2 - Meerkat Island
Russells Hall2 - Treasure Island
Russells Hall - No mans Island
St Martins - Black Island
Example1 - Diary Island