Two very important monsters....


He is not a normal monster.
He is not a bloody, gory, "thing." He is just a deformed animal.
He is a mix of many different animals. Some from outer space, some are from Earth. He can do many things that we cannot yet fathom.
He doesn't kill for food. He eats plants, and dead animals.
He does, however, have a terrible temper. His temper is excited easily. This is how he looks most of the time. See, when he is excited his adrenalin begins to flow and his muscles begin to contract. He can do extreemly alien things to our culture. He always begins to go against his own vouws as an animal. He resembles Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde. In a sense, he is a excitable person.

By Michael, 12, Sherman, TX, USA

Dr. Jeckelhyde

My monster is like Dr. Jeckel and Mrs. Hyde.
He is purple and neon green swirled,and has pink polkadots.
He has hair on his head that is orange and spiky, with a flowered shower cap.
He drinks raw eggs while standing on one of his four legs and hopping on a pogo stick.
He runs around all day singing Texas o' Texas.
He has three arms with ten fingers on each of them.
His face is different from his body and apendages.
He has a long nose with a big green wart on it.
He has one big red eye and his mouth is full of sharp teeth.
He can even change shapes. His second shape goes like this.
She is short and fat. She has curly green hair with a pretty pink bow.
Her face is round with three eyes, a set of antenas to smell.
Her mouth is like a human with big purple lips.
She has a long red and blue polkadot tongue.
Her body is green like her hair only a little darker.
She has two arms growing out of her body with three fingered orange hands attached to her arms.
Her legs are like a duck's.

by Jessika, 12,  Gunter, Texas, USA


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